Steptoe and Son (1962 - 1974)

Steptoe and Son is the name of family business run by father and son in Shepherd's Bush, London. They are rag-and-bone men, collecting unwanted household items, scrap metal and valuable items discarded by others. Albert Steptoe (Wilfrid Brambell) and his son Harold (Harry H. Corbett) often disagree, especially when it comes to Harolds ideas about improving himself. Often Albert deliberately obstructs his sons ambitions, partly out of fear of any change, pessimism about his sons prospects and a rather unbecoming habit of enjoying to show his superiority. Harold's frustration is usually expressed his exasperated exclaimation: "You dirty old man"

Today's viewer is intrigued by the social realism of the programme and the opportunity to glimpse into the London of a past era. This is amplified by the fact, that the trade of the two main protagonists during the time when the show was broadcast was also becoming a thing of the past. Remarkable is also the insight that can be gained into contemporary working-class culture and the urban slang of the day.