Rev. (2010 - 2014)

Adam Smallbone (Tom Hollander) is an Anglican priest who has recently moved from a rural parish in Suffolk to become the Vicar of St Saviour in the Marshes, an inner city church in Hackney. His wife Alexandra (Olivia Colman, Peep Show, Twenty Twelve) is a solicitor and stands by his side in his struggles with everyday challenges. There is Colin (Steve Evets) who is albeit being his most faithful parishioner "at times a bit testing", and Archdeacon Robert (Simon McBurney) who observes closely how he serves his duty. The constant lack of funds and low attendance figures are a perpetual burden, at time making Rev. Smallbone turn to God in prayer asking: "Why do you make finance such a constant daily issue for us? Shouldn't I spread the word and help building the kingdom rather than worrying about money?"