At Last the 1948 Show (1967)

When at last in 1967 the show arrived it had it all, dancing chartered accountants, English programmes from Italian television, loud Scottish ballet fans, The Nosmo Claphanger Quiz Show with its thirty minutes of fun and embarrassment and golden jackpot, and last, but not least the lovely Aimi MacDonald trying to crowdfund £23,000 to keep herself in luxury.

Predating Monty Python's Flying Circus the show's format and the anarchic humor hinted at what was to come. Apart from the later Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman, leading roles are played by Marty Feldman (Marty), Tim Brooke-Taylor and of course the lovely Aimi MacDonald.

Thames Television had wiped all of the thirteen episodes from its archive. Two episodes survived that were on tapes Marty Feldman's wife left to John Cleese in her will. Other episodes were found in the private collection of David Frost and some footage could be recovered from Swedish compilation tapes. A total of eleven episodes has been recovered so far.