In Sickness and in Health (1985 - 1992)

Continuing the saga of Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell) and his wife Elsie (Dandy Nichols) who have moved to West Ham, the show is a sequel to Till Death Us Do Part and Till Death.... Alf is still complaining about almost everything from the NHS to the government that is, although run by the Tories, unforgivably headed by a woman (Margaret Thatcher). Elsie is now bound to a wheelchair and a string of the nurses who attend to her is driven out of the house by her ever ghastly husband, until Winston (Eamonn Walker) arrives. Being gay, black and a male nurse, there is plenty of tension between the pair as Alf spares no opportunity for a racist slur or homophobic abuse. Winston, however holds his ground with witty retorts and even finds approval when it comes to supporting West Ham United. Then there is Fred Johnson (Ken Campbell) who lives across the road and is often victim of Alf's bad manners, for instance when he uses the Johnson's telephone for long distance calls.