Ideal (2005 - 2011)

Moz (Johnny Vegas, Benidorm) deals cannabis from his flat in Salford, Greater Manchester. He is frequently visited by his fried PC (Tom Goodman-Hill) who is a police constable and probably only got the job to avoid revealing that his name is Phil Collins. He also acts as Moz supplier confiscating the stash of the competition. In the beginning Moz has a relationship with Nicki (Nicola Reynolds), which deteriorates to the point of breaking up later on in the programme. New competition in form of "Psycho" Paul (Ryan Pope), who specifically threatens others with a Phillips screwdriver, and old antagonists like Stemroach (David Bradley) make sure that Moz' life is not quite as laid back as he wants it to be.

Recreational drug use and contemporary music play an important role, comparable to the comedy programme Spaced, but although there are surreal elements Ideal is less psychedelic, not least due to the realistic violence that comes with a life of crime and excellent actors who lend depth and credibility to their characters.